Who Am I?


Belgian - 61 years old - Happily Married

Passionated HOG - Unsuccesful Golfer

Ready to embrace a new challenge in this digital era

What Am I?

Digital Visionair

In 2002 and following a report of my hand on the future of digital television, the CEO of De Persgroep decided to found a new department within the group, MagnetMedia.

I was appointed as manager. The editorial team collected, enriched and distributed tv-listings, both for digital platforms as for print, using a CMS I designed.

In 2003 I developed for the benifit of Telenet's IDtv a first version of the so-called 'Serial Recording'.

In 2014-2015, I introduced with Belgian broadcasters and digital platforms universal program-id's such as EIDR and ISAN.

After my release, I decided to focus on an old love: writing. This resulted in a blog and several books.

Structural Thinker

The day the idea for MagnetMedia awakened, was the day I realized De Persgroep treated radio-and tv-schedules in the most chaotic way. The various editors of Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen en Dag Allemaal all bought the same data with the same supplier to treat it in roughly the same way.

I convinced the CEO that for a start, it would be cheaper if the company itself founded an editorial team to service and supply the various editors. In addition, De Persgroep would be ready to face the challenges of the aera of digital television.
As it proved to be.

As a manager, I took a great interest in Activity Based Costing, which was the backbone of de financial structure of the department and its activities.

Team Coach

As the editorial team of MagnetMedia was so well structured, it was no problem to face the the strongly increased work pressure as a result of the several acquisitions of De Persgroep in the Netherlands. Each publications and many more were flawless serviced by the team.

MagnetMedia was built around a group of strong individuals, each with their own specialities, working and acting together as one team. I was barely more than the lubricant that kept the machine running.

I selected and coached each teammember. I encouraged everyone to seek additional training. The team knew I was behind them in every step they took and showed their gratitude by working so hard we reached every proposed goal.

Why Me?

Because I have and I am...

A rare balance between cost-awarness and people's management.

Strong emphasis on Profit&Loss-analyses and Activity Based Costing.

Coach and Colleague. Partner and Manager. Fellow and Lieutenant.

Really strong in "out-of-the-box"-thinking.

You do not have to believe me. Ask them!

Luc Verbist - Verbist Value Adding Consultancy - luc.verbist@hotmail.com - +32 477 49 52 52

Jeroen Verkroost - Managing Consultant - jeroen.verkroost@hotmail.com - +31 646 91 26 74

Bart Verkade - Business Director at De Persgroep Nederland - bart.verkade@persgroep.nl - +31 653 81 66 43

Dimme Pleysier - Content Business Improvement Manager at Telenet - dimme.pleysier@staff.telenet.be - +32 15 33 21 81

Hilde Lobijn - Human Resources Assistant at De Persgroep Publishing - hilde.lobijn@persgroep.be - +32 474 32 14 83

Not convinced? Click here and look at my resumé.

Also read more at this website: http://rikwintein.com.

Where Am I?

Currently living at 14 Welvaartstraat in Bruges (BE 8310).

Having a reasonable extent.

Prefering a healthy mix of home work and performing in situ.